Trying to still have hope as our babies and elders are murdered in cold blood just trying to get their education and groceries. It’s hard but I’m going to try because my heart can’t afford not to…

Yesterday afternoon 19 children and 2 teachers were killed, and several were injured when an 18 year old white male unloaded his newly purchased AR 15 rifles in a classroom of elementary school students. He did this after killing his grandmother and barreling through law enforcement to enter Rob Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

I have a notification set on my iPhone that tells me when my 11 year old son arrives at his middle school. Getting that “arrived” notification would give me relief that he was now safe at school and I could go on with my day. School used to mean safe. Safe at school is now an oxymoron…

My boy and I watched CNN this morning like we do every morning, catching up on current events as we get our day started. He’ll be 12 in 3 months and understands so much. But what he doesn’t understand is why guns are so easily accessible to an 18 year old..more accessible than alcohol and some nightclubs. Even car insurance is high until 25 because young people are “risky”. The fact that my middle schooler knows that something needs to change but the HR 8 bill written to create new background check requirements has been sitting in the Senate being avoided and ignored by the 50 republican Senators.

I don’t have all the answers but I know we have to start somewhere and that somewhere is with the dimming of 19 10 years old lights who were just beginning to shine. Praying for the resilience, healing and peace for the community of Uvalde😢🙏🏾. 💛✨ #prayforuvalde

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