In a world where perception is reality, Blood Sweat and Heels star Brie Bythewood wants you to know that your conclusion about who and what she is shouldn’t be made by watching 10 hour long episodes of a reality show. Contrary to popular belief she’s not a “mean girl” and she doesn’t a have silver spoon in her mouth. If you want to get to know the REAL Brie, here’s 10 things you probably didn’t know.

She’s probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

“It broke my heart a little bit to see me being named the mean girl and to see me edited in a particular way to make it seem as though I was being mean. It killed me. It broke my heart, but then over the course of time somehow someway…I don’t know how it happened but it stopped bothering me. It just stopped hurting and I was able to defend myself by just being me. Then people realized ‘gosh that was so not you at all in that scene’ (of the infamous scene when her co-stars father’s passed away)”.

She’s very private.

“My decisions are my decisions. I’ve had a boyfriend for a very long time but who knows that? No one knows anything about him because he has no interest in reality TV. He has no interest in the television show. He doesn’t want to be in the public view like that. He’s very focused on his life, on building his career and being the best man he can be…I don’t really speak about my family. I don’t speak about anything about other people…I protect that so much.”

She’s a big jock.

“Who knows that I’m a huge football fan. Who knows that I wake up at the crack of dawn on the weekends to watch Formula 1. That I actually travel to go watch the Formula 1 races. It’s so pathetic lol But if I’m gonna go the game I’m gonna have on some killer heels lol, but I’m a die hard fan. My mom calls me before and after games on Sunday because things get too heated on the phone. She can’t get a word in because I’m too busy yelling at my TV that I don’t even hear her lol.”

She’s a huge writer.

“If I get into an argument with someone I’m close with or someone who means something to me or someone who said something that stung me by talking about my character, I write to them. I collect journals and mini rosaries.”

She prays a lot.

“I pray a lot. I don’t go to church every Sunday. I try to go at least once a month but I pray a lot and I watch spiritual programs on TV. I like my home to feel like my church. That’s my protective space. I can be in my office and just stop and pray. Not for anything in particular but to thank GOD for the life that I have, the people that I know, the ability to work and wake up every morning, to help people, to smile in times of trials and tribulation and to find the bright side of things.”

She’s doesn’t hold a grudge.

“I always lighten the mood. I get pissed about things, I definitely do. But give me a minute and all of a sudden I’ll start cracking up about something that I remember about you and I that makes me laugh and I’m like boom we’re done.”

Charity is VERY important to her.

“My parents were very philanthropic. They were always giving and helping people. I just thought that was what people do. I never thought my parents were different. They were just my parents. They instilled in my brothers and I just a sense of giving and you give back. And you don’t have to have a lot in order to give. You can be a person who volunteers. The first time I volunteered I was in elementary school but I remember going to a soup kitchen because I wanted to help people and I didn’t  know what to do so they were like ‘you can go to a soup kitchen, all you have to do is help serve food or you can just talk to people’. I learned that very early on and it carried through life pretty seamlessly and effortlessly. Everything we do makes a difference.”

She was a tap dancer.

“I grew up dancing. I was huge a tap dancer. Like crazy! Tap was my thing. I would entertain at nursing homes and dance.”

She works…a lot!

“No, I don’t work a normal 9-5, I work sometimes 8-6 or later lol. I work really long hours and I work really hard and I work on the weekends. I don’t stop. I am very driven and honestly my goal is to succeed because if I can succeed in my business I can further myself on the philanthropic side. The more money I make the more money I have to give. And for people who think I don’t work. I work two real estate jobs. lol I work my but off.”

Her education is in broadcast journalism.

“My education is in broadcast journalism. I studied to be in front of the camera in college. That was my gig, that was my role and that was my focus. My career was always going to be in front of the camera. I just didn’t know what I would be doing in front of the camera.”

It goes to show that there’s so much more to reality stars than what we get to see on TV. Speaking of being in front of the camera, during our chat Brie revealed that there is definitely going to be a season 2 of Blood Sweat and Heels but she couldn’t disclose anything about whether she or the other season 1 cast members would be returning. Either way I look forward to seeing the REAL Brie on the tube again soon.

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