If I told you that actress Regina Hall had never had a leading role would you believe me? Yeah, I wouldn’t believe me either, but it’s true. However, that streak comes to an end with her next role in the LifeTime movie With This Ring. We gave you the scoop on the film starring the DC native, Jill Scott, Eve Jeffries Cooper and Brooklyn Sudano earlier this month, but we spoke with Regina recently and she expressed how blessed she’s been to work with ensemble casts and what it’s been like being a leading lady.

I’ve had a chance to work in the most amazing ensembles…with people I get to watch and learn from like my, you know, my friends. I have a lot of friends including Taraji (P. Henson) who are just women whose work I respect who are so talented. You have this thought of what it’s going to be like but it’s like you’re just in more scenes. Every single part is so important in yes, it’s just, yeah more scenes lol. But every single person and every single part and every single character is so important in a movie thatyou begin to say oh gosh, you know. It’s the moment that you think ‘oh, I can’t wait’ but it’s perfect when it’s a role that resonates with you. When you feel comfortable. When you have a great cast.

And according to Regina, working with people that she actually likes has made working not feel so much like work at all. She’s enjoyed building genuine friendships while working on projects throughout her career.

You know, all of those honestly have been just pretty organic. I had never met Jill or Brooklyn. Oh, I did meet Jill once at – but she didn’t remember. I have never met Joe, Brooklyn or Eve. And so you’re always like I hope – I hope they like me, you know, when you go on a set, especially when you’ve got to play friends. But I love them. I didn’t even know anyone on Best Man. I became best friends with people from that film. I love that I get to meet all these people – and that’s behind the camera and in front of the camera. So it’s not what I look for but it’s a bonus. It’s such a bonus. Even Nia Long. I had loved Nia for so long and I’m like, oh my goodness, it’s Nia Long. But then you work with people and you get to know them and you’re like wow, you know, they’re just great women. I met Gabrielle (Union) (who is an executive producer of “With This Ring”) actually even before we worked. And so when I would find out oh, Gabrielle is in it? Yes! And you know you’re going to go to work and you’re going to be in each other’s trailers so it’s definitely a bonus.

Snagging her first leading role and working with amazing women aren’t the only reasons why With This Ring is a project that is near and dear to Regina’s heart.

In particular this time, I’ve had a gigantic amount of support from the women, our director-producer and, you know, from Lifetime meaning Lifetime has really been wonderful in supporting the movie. I mean wonderful. They have really done a lot of hard work in making sure people are aware of the movie and making sure people watch it and making sure that they are a part of promoting the images so all of that feels wonderful when you’re the one on the call sheet. 

The support she’s receiving isn’t only from women though. She seemed a bit taken aback when I asked her if she knew she was a sex symbol. The men love her too (my husband ADORES her lol). She attributed it to people not being exposed to the “everyday” her who rocks sweats and a baseball cap.

I haven’t been on social media so you don’t get to — well until five days ago and I’m still not good at it — but your husband may not know I’m in sweats and a baseball cap. They may see me out and say wait a minute lol. It’s always wonderful to be supported. Like the fact that, you know, you are an amazing woman and they like anything that you’re in, like you’re taking time out to say I really like what you do. That’s the beautiful part of it, you know. It’s a real sincere part of it. And that’s kind of what you love.

And being “YOU” and living your life NOW is the biggest lesson that Regina wants women to take from the film.

Before this movie started I was living in in my house but I wanted a yard in my house. It was about three years ago. I wanted to move. And I remember the first thought was ‘Oh, you know what? I should probably wait until I get married and then I’ll move’. And then I thought well, I don’t know when that is. And I could enjoy my yard right now, you know. Because right now is really all I have. And I think that’s the message that I really hope women take away from it. There as so many wonderful things and so many wonderful pieces that make up life as a whole. There’s so many different elements.  So just because it’s not the way you necessarily envisioned or dreamed it doesn’t mean that it’s not deliciously wonderful. And I hope women really can know that and know that they themselves are the most valuable component in their life. And making that choice to really acknowledge and just delight in that is really the most important step to real true happiness.

I couldn’t agree with her more. With This Ring is definitely a must see that could have very well been a theatrical release. Grab a few girlfriends and check it out when it airs on LifeTime on January 24th at 8pm EST. You’ll love it. I sure did. Here’s a bonus clip of the Regina, Jill and Eve chatting about the film on TODAY to get you ready.

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